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Our mission is to help our customers create a data-driven culture to make better people-related decisions.

We believe that HR’s priority today is to mobilize change in leadership, culture, and employee experience to improve business outcomes. HR is no longer sitting on the sidelines, and their time is too valuable.

Our Story

HR Verticals is an HR technology and consulting agency that helps companies improve decision-making through data. With the right HR strategy and technology in place, HR can streamline processes and automate tasks to get access to the data they need to identify and address business and people-related gaps faster and at lower costs than traditional HR software.

Founder Story


Yvonne Lau started HR Verticals with the mission to equip HR with the knowledge they need to make informed business and people-related decisions and demonstrate their impact on business outcomes. Having worked in HR for two decades, she has experienced firsthand how employees and managers perceive HR departments and how HR can improve its standing from being a support function to a strategic business partner. 


To help her clients become more efficient, effective, and data-driven, she started learning more about no-code and low-code platforms that can create customizable, scalable, and more agile platforms quicker and at lower costs. Utilizing these tools, Yvonne helps her clients in HR accelerate the adoption of technology, which is usually challenged by the lack of resources, both in terms of budget and personnel, and free up their time to focus on strategic initiatives such as leadership development, talent management, and employee experience.


Today, HR Verticals works with companies of all sizes to design and launch customized HR strategies and software in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional HR consulting companies and technology agencies, all in one place.

Improve time-to-decision through data.
What we help companies

You are empathetic

You try to understand others' perspectives, even when they differ from yours.

You have an open mind

You listen attentively to others' feedback and opinions.

You are transparent

You are not afraid to present yourself as a work-in-progress in front of other team members.

You are self-aware

You know your strengths and opportunities.

Our Values

Be Humble

Be Ambitious

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