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Build an analytics capability to hire, develop and retain the best talent.

We help companies create a data-driven culture to make better and faster decisions for hiring, developing, and retaining the best talent.

Candidate Experience

Your candidates can tell you a lot about your hiring process and how to fix it. The data collected from the Candidate Experience survey complement the data you track in your recruitment system. 


Time to fill and time to hire metrics tell you where the problems are.

Candidate experience data tell you how to fix it.

Candidate Assessment

A skills-based approach to hiring helps businesses make better and unbiased hiring decisions. These assessments allow hiring managers to compare candidates’ strengths and gaps and make informed hiring decisions aligned to the current and future needs of the business.

Reference Checks

When done correctly, reference checks provide businesses with critical information about candidates and what hiring managers can do to set their new hires up for success from day one. The traditional reference check is a protocol in the hiring process and is seen as a tedious HR task that can be automated.

Quality of Hire

Hiring is expensive. To reduce the cost of hiring, businesses need to reduce new hire turnover, the number of employees who leave voluntarily and involuntarily within their first year on the job. Unlike turnover rate, which is quantitative, QoH is qualitative and provides hiring managers and HR with the data they need to make proactive decisions on hiring, developing, and terminating new hires.



Hire Talent Globally Better and Faster

Leverage technology to hire faster and better. Optimize your hiring process using an analytical approach to identify the best talent, reduce bad hiring decisions, and outpace your competition in the war for latent.

​Talent Acquisition

Employee Experience

Learning & Development

Talent Management

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