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How Effective is the 30-60-90 New Hire Survey?

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

The short answer is very. First impression matters.

Research by Bersin (2014) supports that around 1 out of 4 new hires take a decision to stay or leave an organization during the first 45 days in their new role.

Companies should regularly conduct check-ins with new hires to ensure they have all the tools and support they need to be successful in their new roles.

So, do you have to follow the 30-60-90 day format? Not necessarily. While not every company runs the 30-60-90 new hire survey, the process is very mature and easy to implement across organizations. However, times have changed and there are many ways to conduct these surveys in a less structured way.

Outlined below are scenarios where the 30-60-90 day format might not be the most effective way to conduct new hire check-ins.

Co-op or student hires. Student internships typically last 8 - 12 months. So it really doesn't make sense to do a new hire survey in 30 days. Weekly check-ins to ensure they have everything they need to hit the ground running makes more sense. Besides, You want to create the best possible impression so that they remain in your talent pool for future vacant roles.

High churn roles. Yes, the churn rate is higher for jobs in retail or the hospitality industry. However, if you see a sudden spike in your churn rate or that it is higher than the industry standard, it's worthwhile to conduct more frequent regular check-ins with new hires during their first month.

Hard to fill roles. When an employee leaves, it cost the company anywhere between 10 to 21 percent of his/her salary to backfill for the vacant role. It makes a lot of sense that you do more frequent check-ins with new hires in hard to fill roles. It is costly and time-consuming (also a nightmare for your recruiters) for companies to go back to the drawing board and start the search all over again.

The 30-60-90 survey is a proven process to ensure new hires have all the support they need to be successful in their new roles and companies have the data they need to improve the experience for future hires. However, it is also critical to assess and adapt your process based on the needs of your organization and particularly for companies with high churn rates of employees with less than 1 year of tenure.

How Can We Help?

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